1955 Ferrari 250 GT Europa

Registration : UK registered
Chassis number : 0373
Engine number : 0373

MM Coefficient 1,4

Period History:

Ex-Garage Francorchamps Belgium. Sold to first owner Philippe Washer

Ex-Olivier Gendebien (2nd owner)

Ex-Verbois Hill Climb 1957 Gendebien

Ex-Liège-Rome-Liège 1956 Prepared by Écurie Francorchamps 3rd place driven by Gendebien/Stasse 

Ex-Cote de la Roche 1956 Gendebien 2nd in Class


Modern History:

1999 Mille Miglia

1999 Tour Auto

1999 Liège-Rome-Liège Retrospective

2000/1 Carrera PanAmericana (1st in class in 2 successive years)

2015 Goodwood Revival 

2016 Chateau Impney

2016 Mille Miglia 


Ecurie Francorchamps, Gendebien and Jacques Swaters




This car is one of 24 Pinnin Farina Berlinetta’s, bodied in this style.  
With the shorter chassis, and with the Super rare Columbo designed typo 112 engine the Europa’s are considered the first of the Ferrari 250 GT family, which went on to include the TdF; SWB, GTO and finally concluded with the Lusso.

Only two Europa’s competed in period, this car being one. The second owner was Olivier Gendebien (who purchased the car from his cousin Philippe Washer, whose brother Jacques was often his co-driver), he drove it to 3rd place in the 1956 Liège-Rome-Liège Rally.

(He also drove the ‘sister' car to ours to third place in the Tour de France. That car still actively competes in historic competition today, driven by its long term owners Eric and Christian Traber.)

Olivier Gendebien was one of Ferrari’s most successful team drivers, winning Le Mans four times. As such the car has excellent and well documented provenance.


In the late 1990s it was modified by the then owner to compete in events like the Carrera PanAmericana, in which it won its class two years in succession. It also competed in the Mille Miglia; Tour Auto, and Liège-Rome-Liège Retrospective during this time. As a result of these modifications this a much better driving car than the standard Europa. It has a fully rebuilt engine, running on 6 carbs, later gearbox (The correct engine and gearbox are included in the sale,  Engine fully rebuilt by Terry Hoyle Racing) and improved suspension, it also retains its distinctive stone guards.

The car has recently undergone work to return it to original spec with the fitting of the original drum brakes; and the acquisition of a genuine Europa 250 GT gearbox (not fitted but with the car) and the rebuilding of the engine, and it was invited to participate in the all 50's Ferrari ‘Lavent Cup’ at the Goodwood Revival in 2015 and in 2016 it completed the Mille Miglia and competed in the Chateau Impney Hill Climb.


Additional early history which has recently come to light, the first six Europa’s had larger ‘egg crate’ grills, and looked more aggressive than the later cars, and the photo shows one of these competing in Verbois Hill climb in Switzerland on 19th May 1957.


This is now known to be the Gendebien car 0373GT as it was the only car in Europe at this time:

0361 was in Italy, then exported to USA.
0363 already destroyed and re bodied as a late version.
0365 went to USA as a new car.
0367 already destroyed and identity transferred to a Boano.
0371 went to USA as a new car.
0373 was with Swaters, Garage Francorchamps, in Belgium.



A Ferrari 250 PF #0959 was recently viewed in the US and on inspection was found to have been fitted at some point with typo 112 Engine numbered “0373GT”   this car has been purchased by the collection and has had the engine removed and fully rebuilt by Terry Hoyle Racing. This engine is of course included in the sale, and will come fitted to a display stand or could be re-fitted at extra cost.


                 The above mentioned 250 PF #0959  (now minus an engine) can be included in the sale at extra cost if requested.


Price On Request

LRL 1956
LRL 1956

LRL 1956
LRL 1956

Ferrari 250 GT Europa-24
Ferrari 250 GT Europa-24

LRL 1956
LRL 1956